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Born sometime on Friday the 5th of May.

Sentience arrived in a fiery blaze of pain when I burnt my hand in an electric fire, scarring me for life.

Somehow managed to be smartest guy in school, tried to keep my head down and keep my nose clean. Like you do in any prison. Read some Foucault

At Uni decided not to do medicine after all because it involved cutting up dead people, and I was eighteen and didn't think I had the stomach.

Did Computer Science instead, and now 10 years later am almost completing my PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

After this I intend to travel around the world, to see what the darn thing is *actually like*. Oh, and verify that it is in fact round.

Then might get married. There are a few girls chasing me at the moment. Any that are still chasing me after all the way around the world are probably worth talking to. They're not easily gotten rid of, in any case...