Worship, technically speaking, as opposed to slang usage:

The peculiar collection of physical rituals and/or constraints which are employed when a soul bound in the terrestrial plain attempts to communicate with a spirit.

Terrestrial souls are not separated from the minds of spirits in the same way that they are separated from each other. Because of this difference, communication with a spirit requires more concentration. The physical feedback of sight and sound (usually present in interactions with other physical persons) are more lacking. In order to aid concentration, many worshippers impose physical disciplines upon themselves. The discipline of the physical body keeps it from intruding as much upon the spiritual communion.

Worship is an extremely powerful biofeedback mechanism, and is often used in therapy. Some type of worship is employed by almost any person who believes in spirits -- even the set of rules associated with superstition can be thought to be worshipful. Worship is not necessarily related to the idea of a God, though Gods are quite commonly beloved of worshippers.

Within any belief system that embraces the idea of a dual human being, both spiritual and physical (if not more multi-faceted), worship is regarded as developmental of the spirit.

Worship was a legendary- at least, to followers of the genre- Belgian Funeral Doom metal band who debuted in 1999 with the Last Tape Before Doomsday, also released as a record in 2001 under the title Last Vinyl Before Doomsday; the band consisted of the German Daniel Pharos, and the French vocalist, the dead Max Varnier. The band played extremely slowly, with spoken and growled lyrics in English, French, and German. The music is melodic, but extremely melancholic, using only heavy guitar in long, slow riffs, a drum machine, and very occasional piano.

Max committed suicide on a holiday in Canada on July the 21st 2001 by jumping from a high bridge into the Saskatchewan river. Daniel has continued with the band, posthumously rereleasing the album as the Last CD Before Doomsday with an extra song in 2004. He claims to be working on a new album that should be due in 2006.

Most of Worship's works are extremely hard to find, as they were only recorded on vinyl, and only in small numbers; a large number of these were destroyed by Max's parents after his suicide. Almost all of the copies of the split with Agathocles were destroyed, making it one of the rarest and most sought-after albums of all.


Wor"ship (?), n. [OE. worshipe, wur&edh;scipe, AS. weor&edh;scipe; weor&edh; worth + -scipe -ship. See Worth, a., and -ship.]


Excellence of character; dignity; worth; worthiness.



A man of worship and honour. Chaucer.

Elfin, born of noble state, And muckle worship in his native land. Spenser.


Honor; respect; civil deference.


Of which great worth and worship may be won. Spenser.

Then shalt thou have worship in the presence of them that sit at meat with thee. Luke xiv. 10.


Hence, a title of honor, used in addresses to certain magistrates and others of rank or station.

My father desires your worships' company. Shak.


The act of paying divine honors to the Supreme Being; religious reverence and homage; adoration, or acts of reverence, paid to God, or a being viewed as God.

"God with idols in their worship joined."


The worship of God is an eminent part of religion, and prayer is a chief part of religious worship. Tillotson.


Obsequious or submissive respect; extravagant admiration; adoration.

'T is your inky brows, your black silk hair, Your bugle eyeballs, nor your cheek of cream, That can my spirits to your worship. Shak.


An object of worship.

In attitude and aspect formed to be At once the artist's worship and despair. Longfellow.

Devil worship, Fire worship, Hero worship, etc. See under Devil, Fire, Hero, etc.


© Webster 1913.

Wor"ship, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Worshiped (?) ∨ Worshipped; p. pr. & vb. n. WorshipingWorshipping.]


To respect; to honor; to treat with civil reverence.



Our grave . . . shall have a tongueless mouth, Not worshiped with a waxen epitaph. Shak.

This holy image that is man God worshipeth. Foxe.


To pay divine honors to; to reverence with supreme respect and veneration; to perform religious exercises in honor of; to adore; to venerate.

But God is to be worshiped. Shak.

When all our fathers worshiped stocks and stones. Milton.


To honor with extravagant love and extreme submission, as a lover; to adore; to idolize.

With bended knees I daily worship her. Carew.

Syn. -- To adore; revere; reverence; bow to; honor.


© Webster 1913.

Wor"ship (?), v. i.

To perform acts of homage or adoration; esp., to perform religious service.

Our fathers worshiped in this mountain; and ye say that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. John iv. 20.

Was it for this I have loved . . . and worshiped in silence? Longfellow.


© Webster 1913.

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