Victoria's Secret is a lingerie store. They sell everything from cotton briefs to black velvet corsets. They have come out with such products as Angels and The Miracle Bra. They also have a bath product line. They are affiliated with The Limited, Express, Structure, and Bath and Body Works.

One of the most rewarding and classy methods of public foreplay.

  1. Locate Victoria's Secret store.
    Be cautious to distinguish between the bath/perfume/lotion side of the store and the panties/bra/sheer sleepwear side.
  2. With female partner in hand, enter panty/bra/sheer sleepwear side of store.
    Fend off salespeople. You will not need their help for what is to follow.
  3. Inquire after your partner's intimate sizes (if you don't know them).
    Resist the urge to strip partner naked and measure her. Take her word for it. Really.
  4. Select three or four items in your partner's sizes.
    Choose flattering colors and fabrics. Stay away from the sheer stuff that feels like a screen door. It's nasty.
  5. Follow partner to dressing room.
    Resist urge to follow partner into dressing room. This is meant to be an exercise in public foreplay, not public indecency.
  6. Wait for partner to emerge from dressing room with each new underwear "outfit".
    Make approving comments. Relish effect of seeing partner in a state of undress in public. Do not leave area until partner is done trying on selections.
  7. While partner is getting dressed, purchase selections.
    Hide purchases in other shopping bags.
  8. Surprise partner with new undies upon arrival at home.
    Feel free to repeat steps 4 - 7 as desired.

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