- Print out pamphlets on the dangers of technology and how a secret governmental society is plotting a take over of America.

- Gather said pamphlets and like minded friends and preach to the unenlightened masses. Large bulletins and/or radio attention helps.

- Strategically place pamphlets in plants and on mannequins. Wearing grimy clothes and posing as mannequins yourself also helps. Be sure to get attention of security guards.

- Finally, when all pamphlets are handed out, or enough people have been angered, join in a cacophanous scream and run from the mall without taking more than one breath.

If done correctly this can be most effective.

My favorite thing to do at the mall to screw with people's heads:

Make sure you have a group of friends. Split up into groups of 1s and 2s. Have one person stand in the middle of the busiest place in the mall and just look straight up at the ceiling. Slowely have more and more of your friends happen to walk past and "see" the same thing the first person "sees". Pointing, laughing, ooohing and ahhhhing are helpful. Pulling over strangers and trying to show them the thing on the ceiling is also very effective, but not required. You probably know what happens next. Just watch as you have a large group of people getting mad when they can't see what everyone else does on the ceiling.

My friends and I thought this up one time when we were really bored at the local mall about a year ago. We made 4 tries that day, one of which was really successful. The first time we were all standing in a group looking up when one of us started laughing hysterically. This caught on and soon we were all on the ground laughing at how stupid we must have looked. We slowely became better with practice until the fourth time we probably had around 50 strangers staring at the ceiling with us!

The funniest thing, though, was that there was one little kid who asked his mom, "What is up there? I don't see anything!". The mom, who must have been in deep concentration focusing on the ceiling, ignored him and so the kid started to have a tantrum like little kids do, yelling "What is it?".

I don't know if this works at other malls, but at Northgate in Seattle, there are small barcode tags next to each store that security guards scan each time they make a circuit of the mall. I enjoy transporting these from one end of the mall to the other. Must make the guards appear very drunk to whoever checks that stuff.

Users of The INDEX System BBS in Atlanta, GA would frequently gather at local shopping malls, strip malls, and video-game parlors (not to mention the local Q-Zar). One of their claims to fame was having been thrown out of every major shopping mall in the Atlanta metro area.

A favorite stunt was to distribute handfuls of Runts candy to various members of the party, then wander the mall. Each person would approach random shoppers and shout in an odd voice, "Hey, wouldja like a fruity runt?"

Another typical annoyance was "stalking." Each person (or group of 2-3 people) would choose a subject and follow him/her through their day of shopping, always a few clothing racks away. This would continue until the mark became aware of the stalking, then a new target would be acquired. The goal was to have the longest time-until-noticing.

Most fun of all is the Gap Game, where the contestants take turns entering a Gap store, touching the rear wall of the store, and leaving the store -- all without being accosted by a salesperson. This becomes remarkably hard since geeks tend to stand out as "not belonging" in a Gap, and the salespeople gravitate towards geeks, assuming (correctly) that they are causing trouble.

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