Oh wow, not much here. Frederick's is the tacky version of Victoria's Secret. They carry a much wider range of lingerie, as well as clothing, and the blander edge of fetish wear. They have retail stores in malls and such, their famous catalog, and a website (www.fredericks.com) (where yes, you can get their free catalog). Pretty good source for cosplay stuff, oddly enough.

Their catalog is a favorite with cheap guys, though why the incredibly inept airbrushing doesn't freak them out is beyound me. Even the most flat-chested or well-endowed model has a nasty grey or brown line down her breastbone that is supposed to look like cleavage. Ewww. Other than that, it's a good source for cheap artists, too, by the way.
Founded in 1946 by Frederick Mellinger, who wanted to bring European style lingerie to the American market. Over the years, Fredericks often was the exclusive supplier of innovative underwear that would later become mainstream, including the push-up bra, the front-hook bra, bras with shoulder pads, padded girdles, body-shapers, fashion bustiers, and thong panties. Its flagship store at 6608 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, California, includes a Lingerie Musuem with undergarments from celebrities like Cher, Madonna, Milton Berle, and the cast of Beverly Hills 90210.

Where once Frederick's dominated its market in both storefront and catalog sales, it has taken a financial beating in recent years from upstart Victoria's Secret. Look for Fredericks to remodel all of its retail outlets over the next three years to move from the naughty theme that has been their hallmark style.

It's no coincidence that Frederick's was founded in 1946. Frederick had been in the US Army until he was demobbed in 1945 and it was while talking with his army buddies about their women back home and how they imagined them that he got his ideas about a lingerie shop.

Having said that, I'm pretty certain that your average GI Joe in WW2 didn't imagine his wife wearing a latex thong and peephole bra...La Dee Da.

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