The Big Giant Bra Ball -- an amalgamation of every color, condition and cup size -- is conceptional art satirizing people's obsession with body image, created by artist Nicolino, who goes only by his last name.

A Bay area man, Nicolino also affixes naked Barbie dolls to the trailer hitch that helps pull the piece behind a 1963 pink Cadillac. "I'm not knocking her. I'd like her as an ally," he said. "But she has to have breast implants and an eating disorder."

Nicolino and his 14,000 tightly wound brassieres are currently on a two-month trek through California. The bra-ball tour is just one of several brassiere-related art shows Nicolino has put on throughout the world over the last eight years. He's produced sculptures and tapestries and even choreographed a dance in Stinson Beach, Calif., to produce 21,000 breasts from damp sand and Jell-O molds. Many of these productions have raised money for breast-cancer research.

Women literally have given Nicolino the bras off their backs. Others have mailed him bras, some in memory of a loved one who died of breast cancer. A bright pink one from Laguna Beach carries the message "Obladi, Oblada, take my bra." Another -- white with pink crochet lettering -- reads "In Loving Memory of Our Dear Mom."

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