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Bra size, for some reason, seems to categorize how desireable a female is to young american males. When I say this, I speak from the standpoint of having been a young american male. This is what I know.

No other society seems to have such a fixation nor places such a positive connotation on larger breast sizes. It's possible just as much stress is placed upon size in other cultures

The real secret that most young american males have yet to discover is that really huge boobs soon become unruly, heavy, and cause jaw cramping during mid-mack suckle. Real lovers know that breast size doesn't matter but more than a mouth-full is usually a waste.

I feel justified in placing this within the bra size node because american young men often refer to the actual breasts themselves colloquially as "DD's" or "C Cup," without ever making mention of the actual numeric measurement of breast size.

Bra size, at least those used in the US, is a combination of cup size and rib cage circumference. The number in the size is arrived at by the distance around the rib cage, plus 5 until a circumference of 33 (add 3 if larger than 33). The cup size is arrived at by measuring how much bigger the measurement around the fullest part of the breast is than around the rib cage. Cup sizes vary between bra manufacturers, but usually an A cup is 1 inch bigger around the breasts than the ribs, B cup is 2 inches, C is 3, D is 4, DD (or E in some systems) is 5.

Because of this, breasts needing the same bra size may look very different on different women due to height and build. I found it rather amusing that three college friends of mine all wore a 36B, one 4 foot 8 inches and considered voluptuous by the guys we knew, one 5 foot 1 and thought average-breasted, and one probably about 5 foot 7ish and described by a male friend as "flat as a fourteen-year-old boy."

Flesh marketers in Japan long ago came up with buzzwords regarding the bra size of aidoru, porn stars, and gurabia aidoru (bikini girls like on the cover of weekly manga magazines). These buzzwords are surely a catchy and easier way to remember than a letter for cup size. In a surprisingly short time these words have become a part of common everyday Japanese.

The terminology includes:
kanji - hiragana - romaji
word and chinese characters description/explanation

美乳 - びにゅう - bi nyuu
"beautiful breasts." Both A and B cups. (bi) is the kanji for beautiful. (nyuu) is a kanji for breasts.

However, in the Japanese vernacular, binyuu are jokingly known as

貧乳 - ひんにゅう - hin nyuu
"poor breasts (in size)." (hin) is the kanji for lacking or flat broke.

巨乳 - きょにゅう - kyo nyuu
"giant breasts." Both C and D cups. (kyo) is the kanji for big or giant.

A few years ago, with the growing demand for quantitty over quality, a new group has emerged.

爆乳 - ばくにゅう - baku nyuu
E cup and above. (baku) is the kanji for bursting or exploding. Kinda interesting meaning when talking about the old "bombs".

This wu has Japanese fonts.

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