Few (?), a. [Compar. Fewer (?); superl. Fewest.] [OE. fewe, feawe, AS. fe , pl. fe we; akin to OS. fah, OHG. fµ fao, Icel. far, Sw. f†, pl., Dan. faa, pl., Goth. faus, L. paucus, cf. Gr. . Cf. Paucity.]

Not many; small, limited, or confined in number; -- indicating a small portion of units or individuals constituing a whole; often, by ellipsis of a noun, a few people.

"Are not my days few?"
Job x. 20.

Few know and fewer care.

Few is often used partitively; as, few of them.

A few, a small number. -- In few, in a few words; briefly.


- No few, not few; more than a few; many.


- The few, the minority; -- opposed to the many or the majority.


© Webster 1913.

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