Few people can see the beauty in mundane things.

Many are jaded by the rigours of daily life; things tend to lose their shine when they are the backdrop to your daily slog to work. Others are simply too focused on their goals, and are unwilling or unable to remove the blinders of ambition.

It's important to take a moment to really look at something simple in a way that you probably haven't for many years. Remember the opening scene from American Beauty? Watch the wind swirl leaves and dust and crumpled grocery store flyers across your lawn and driveway. Imagine that they're dancing. Inspect the potted plant on your windowsill. See those colours? Far more brilliant than anything your digital camera and colour laser printer will ever produce.

Take a look at your wife, husband, significant other, best friend, boss, taxi driver. Marvel at the fact that even though we are all shaped the same, there is infinite variation in our features. Which is harder, making everyone look alike, or making everyone look different?

Enjoy small absurdities. Start a tickle fight with the person nearest to you. When you see your older brother, have a blanket war like you did when you were six and he was ten, and wouldn't change the channel.

Enjoy yourself. Try to live a whole day like this. You may cry (and aren't those tear ducts a wonder of natural engineering?).

It's all right.

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