De*mand" (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Demanded; p. pr. & vb. n. Demanding.] [F. demander, LL. demandare to demand, summon, send word, fr. L. demandare to give in charge, intrust; de- + mandare to commit to one's charge, commission, order, command. Cf. Mandate, Commend.]


To ask or call for with authority; to claim or seek from, as by authority or right; to claim, as something due; to call for urgently or peremptorily; as, to demand a debt; to demand obedience.

This, in our foresaid holy father's name, Pope Innocent, I do demand of thee. Shak.


To inquire authoritatively or earnestly; to ask, esp. in a peremptory manner; to question.

I did demand what news from Shrewsbury. Shak.


To require as necessary or useful; to be in urgent need of; hence, to call for; as, the case demands care.

4. Law

To call into court; to summon.



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De*mand", v. i.

To make a demand; to inquire.

The soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? Luke iii. 14.


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De*mand", n. [F. demande, fr. demander. See Demand, v. t.]


The act of demanding; an asking with authority; a peremptory urging of a claim; a claiming or challenging as due; requisition; as, the demand of a creditor; a note payable on demand.

The demand [is] by the word of the holy ones. Dan. iv. 17.

He that has confidence to turn his wishes into demands will be but a little way from thinking he ought to obtain them. Locke.


Earnest inquiry; question; query.



A diligent seeking or search; manifested want; desire to posses; request; as, a demand for certain goods; a person's company is in great demand.

In 1678 came forth a second edition [Pilgrim's Progress] with additions; and the demand became immense. Macaulay.


That which one demands or has a right to demand; thing claimed as due; claim; as, demands on an estate.

5. Law (a)

The asking or seeking for what is due or claimed as due

. (b)

The right or title in virtue of which anything may be claimed; as, to hold a demand against a person

. (c)

A thing or amount claimed to be due.


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