This giant kinetic sculpture was created by New York artist George Rhoads. The Tower of Bauble was originally built in 1985 for the North Hills Shopping Centre in Kamloops. It was generously donated to Science World in 1995 by Robert E. Lee, Jack Poole, Robert J. MacDonald and Peter Cowes.

The artist worked in conjunction with fabricators to build the Tower of Bauble. Rhoads describes his work as audio-kinetic sculptures that generate sounds as they move. Look - and listen! - for the trampoline, loop the loop, wok, wooden drums, cymbals, xylophone, spirals, firebell and gongs. Stay awhile and watch the progress of the bowling ball!

Rhoads' sculptures can also be found in the Boston Museum of Science, as well as the Airport, the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City and the West Edmonton Mall. Some are more complicated than others, but they all share certain features.

From the plaque on what was described as "the perpetual motion machine" in everythingCon 0.1 which was regrettably shut down for the night, disappointing pukesick to no small degree, let me assure you!

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