It should be noted that the best way to quaff this is in the middle of a group of screaming drunk people (who will give you the necessary courage), and that it's considered improper to pour the shot into the stout.

What you do is drop a shot glass of Bailey's Irish Cream in the pint, and then chug immediately afterward. You will burp. This drink will put hair on your chest. Women will find you more attractive. You will wake up smiling despite your hangover.

It should also be noted that this is the type of drink that only leads to more drinks, sort of a "everything else pales before what I just did" type of thing.

I've also heard this referred to as a Belfast Car Bomb. Your local terminology may vary.

Back to the Bartender.

A little slice of ambrosia for when you've run low on Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters and other girly drinks. Also referred to as the best way to start your weekend.

The Belfast Car Bomb is a drink, a meal, and an experience when done correctly or repeatedly.

Here is the recipe:

First add one dozen of your closest friends.

Give each participant the following weaponry:

One pint glass, HALF full of Guinness
One shot glass, equal parts Jameson Whiskey and Irish Cream.
A serious look.

Once everyone has been given the proper tools for self-abuse, the generally accepted procedure is to form a small ring, facing inward, and hold the shot glasses high.

At a signal from the ringleader, also known as the alcoholic, a loud "whoop!" is let out, the shots are dropped into the pint glasses, and ingested as quickly as possible. (The liquid only, try not to swallow the shot glass, this becomes important after several bombings.)

This is followed by a critical examination of the bomb site, variously described as "yummy" or "oh my god!" or "shit."

If the British are still in Northern Ireland, then repeated rounds may be required.

I've had a variation of this drink which, in addition to the Guinness Stout and Bailey's, has an additional shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey in it. It should be noted that in this iteration, not only is the drink quite a bit more potent, the Whiskey should be added before the Bailey's in order to give you enough time to chug it.

This drink will put hair on your chest. Two will make you a real man. Three will make you unconsicous, and four will make you dead. :)
Ah, the Irish Car Bomb, the ol' glass of blackout. My bartender makes it this way: two-thirds pint of Guinness, a shot glass of Bailey's and Kahlua with Jameson floated on top. Patrons at my bar drink this, all too frequently, in the showy way, dropping the shot glass into the pint glass and chugging.

I do not drink this most dangerous, hateful concoction. At least, not often.

There are nights, alas, some nights, when a well-meaning drunk will strong-arm me into this manner of public misbehavior.

Normally I sit there, not offending anyone, just drinking six or seven beers, joking with a drunken lawyer, Vietnam veterans, and paroled felons. Normally, no one gets hurt.

But then there are those nights. Someone who's missed the glaring fact that college is over will buy the wretched car bombs. Why my good barkeep continues to make them is unknown...perhaps he enjoys the spectacle.

They taste good. Like root beer, almost. Malty, smooth, they go down quick. And that's all she wrote. You wake up on your floor (your floor, if you're lucky) with minor cuts and abrasions you don't recall getting. Your mouth tastes like an army marched through it, your head remains floaty and unstable all day. People glare at you.

An Irish Car Bomb, in my experience, is never a good idea. But then, it's an idea that comes up too often, so someone is supporting the movement. I reckon it's my enemies, sensing my secret weakness.

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