A little slice of ambrosia for when you've run low on Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters and other girly drinks. Also referred to as the best way to start your weekend.

The Belfast Car Bomb is a drink, a meal, and an experience when done correctly or repeatedly.

Here is the recipe:

First add one dozen of your closest friends.

Give each participant the following weaponry:

One pint glass, HALF full of Guinness
One shot glass, equal parts Jameson Whiskey and Irish Cream.
A serious look.

Once everyone has been given the proper tools for self-abuse, the generally accepted procedure is to form a small ring, facing inward, and hold the shot glasses high.

At a signal from the ringleader, also known as the alcoholic, a loud "whoop!" is let out, the shots are dropped into the pint glasses, and ingested as quickly as possible. (The liquid only, try not to swallow the shot glass, this becomes important after several bombings.)

This is followed by a critical examination of the bomb site, variously described as "yummy" or "oh my god!" or "shit."

If the British are still in Northern Ireland, then repeated rounds may be required.