The fine, chilled bottle in front of me says,

Irish Whiskey

John Jameson founded his whiskey distillery in
Dublin in the year 1780.
From the rich countryside of Ireland come
nature's finest barley and crystal clear water.
These natural ingrediants are carefully
distilled 3 times, to create the natural,
smooth whiskey that is 'Jameson'.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple distilled and aged a minimum of seven years (the legal requirement for whiskey aging in the Republic of Ireland is three years). Jameson's claims that adding a drop of water is the recommended method of drinking this most famous of whiskeys -- in fact they claim that the water helps to release all of the complex flavour to the palate.

According to Jameson's own corporate materials, "Jameson is clearly a mellow pot still whiskey with toasted wood and sherry undertones. Jameson's taste is distinctively smooth and sweet with mild woody and nutty notes. Incredibly smooth is the only way to describe the finish."

John Jameson first distilled his eponymous whiskey in the year 1780 in Bow Street Dublin, and by 1891 the distillery's "Three Star Whiskey" was being exported all around the world. In 1954, Jameson's was featured in Marlon Brando's On The Waterfront. In 1988 the distiller was acquired by the French Pernod Ricard group.


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