Perhaps I'm just a little twisted, but I have been known to use the term money shot to refer to any sort of climactic event. It's particularly fun to use this at a serious work meeting when referring to something completely nonsexual, of course. You see, the catch here is that either people won't get it and will think it's just a peculiar turn of phrase (and maybe start using it in other situations, and have to be told eventually by someone what they're saying), or they will get it, and really won't be able to say anything, becuase no one will want them to think they're a pervert. And even if you don't know the pornographic connotations of the term, it still is fairly descriptive.

This also reminds me of drink driving an ad that used to run on Irish television.

The ad is about this guy who goes and and plays a game of soccer with his mates down on the local soccer pitch. He scores a goal during the match, and as a result, his mates convince him to go to the pub for a few beers. They have the craic in the pub, then the guy leaves and begins his journey home.

As he is driving along he is singing away to himself, happy that his day is going so well, and how good his life is at the moment. Due to the booze, he lets his concentration slip for a second, and his car bumps the kerb. He careers across the road, banging into another car at high speed. His car flips into the air, turning and twisting over a wooden fence.

On the other side of that fence is a happy family back garden scene, with a little boy playing with a football on his own. Suddenly, the drink driver's car comes smashing through the fence, in what is a pretty well done shot, and smashes into the little boy, killing him instantly.

The guy in the car gets out bruised and battered, sees what happened, and begins to cry his eyes out. End of ad.

According to some of my friends, the "money shot" in this particular ad is the car coming smashing through the fence and wiping out the kid, and the only reason the guy is crying is because his car is knackered and his insurance will triple.

Yeah, yeah, I know it's sick.

The most popular interpretation seems to be somewhat conspicuously missing, unless it was, uhm, already deleted. I shall proceed irregardless.

The moment in a porn movie in which the male ejaculation is visible. Can also be a still shot of said moment in the case of printed pornography. This usually involves the man cumming on the woman's face (facial), breasts, stomach, or, in the case of doggystyle or other back-to-front sexual position, on her ass or back. Note that however tempting it is to refer to the ejaculation itself as the shot, it is generally believed that the camera shot is closer to the original meaning.

Also known as: cum shot

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