Soccer is a game played on a rectangular field by two teams of 11 players. The players may touch the ball, but not with anything from their shoulders to their hands. Each team has a goal they defend, and each team tries to get the ball to go into the other team's goal.
There is one player who is allowed to touch the ball with any part of his body, he is called the goalie, and he must stay near his own team's goal.

The word soccer comes from the phrase association football, which was what this game was originally called. In most of the world, this game is called football, but in the USA it is called soccer.

Gary Lineker's definition of soccer:
'Soccer is a very simple game, 22 players play against each other, there is 1 ball, 2 goals, and in the end, the Germans always win'.

The word soccer was coined from the term Association Football, which was introduced around 1870 for football played according to the rules of the Football Association (as opposed to Rugby Football). The suffix -er was commonly used as a pretty much meaningless addition to nouns in British public school and university slang in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Originally in the 1890s, socker competed with soccer as the proper spelling.

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