What American football should really be called. Soccer is a strange word invented by Americans referring to the sport football. Here is why:

  • The ball used in rugby and American football is of the same strange shape and material
  • Both sports involve physical tackling. In football, a tackle involves using your legs to trip another player
  • Both sports involve bringing the ball to an endzone
  • Both sports, after a touchdown (try in rugby), involve a conversion kick
  • Both sports are played by big brutes
  • Both sports involve running around carrying the ball in the arms of the player
  • Both scoring systems are similar, multiple points for a touchdown, a small bonus for a successful conversion

    Football, on the other is totally different:

  • You use anything but your arms
  • The point of the game is to knock a spherical ball into a net to score a goal
  • No physical tackling
  • Usually not played by big brutes

    Hence, American rugby is a much more appropriate term for the sport Americans call football.

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