VSK is a sports club based in Västerås, Sweden, mainly known for it's soccer and bandy teams.

The club was founded on January 29, 1904 by a group of around 30 young people, led by Krispin Svärd, Ivar Andersson and John Lööf.

At the start VSK was active in football (soccer), track and field, ice skating, ice sailing and weight lifting. They started playing bandy in 1906.

Through the years VSK has been actively competing in ski jumping, badminton, bowling, boxing, wrestling, cycling, athletics, gymnastics, walking, handball, ice hockey, figure skating, diving, swimming, nordic skiing, speed skating, skate sailing, squash, tennis, weight lifting, water polo, bandy, football, orienteering and bowling. Since 1989, only the last four disciplines are still active.

VSK has always been one of the top Swedish bandy teams, where they have won the Swedish championship gold 16 times, and been runner up 14. In addition VSK Bandy has won the World Cup 4 times and European Cup 5 times. The success of the Bandy section made the council of Västerås build Rocklunda in 1956, the world's first bandy stadium with artifical ice.

The football team has been in the Swedish top division for a total of four seasons, the last one in 1997.

Arosidrotten 1000 år

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