Soccer slang for the advantageous use of thespian talents in a soccer game, i.e. pretending to be the victim of foul play in order to have then opposite team punished with a red or yellow card, or even a penalty kick. In order to discourage diving, it is in turn (if recognized) usually penalized with a yellow card. Since this is a considerable risk to take (especially with a good referee), diving is most often attempted for the maximal gain of a penalty kick: a lone striker enters the penalty area with one or more defenders in hot pursuit, then suddenly falls over and holds an ankle in apparent agony.

Div"ing (?), a.

That dives or is used or diving.

Diving beetle Zool., any beetle of the family Dytiscidae, which habitually lives under water; -- called also water tiger. -- Diving bell, a hollow inverted vessel, sometimes bell-shaped, in which men may descend and work under water, respiration being sustained by the compressed air at the top, by fresh air pumped in through a tube from above. -- Diving dress. See Submarine armor, under Submarine. -- Diving stone, a kind of jasper.


© Webster 1913.

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