Splashes of semen all over one's chest and/or face.

Alternately, a string of pearls worn around the neck as a decoration. Considered by some to be fashionable for older women and tacky for younger women, as described by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I made a choker for myself in high school out of cheap costume jewelry beads.
It featured a ridiculously large pink bead as a sort of pendant.
I still have it, but I do not wear it every day.
There's just something about cheap costume jewelry that turns me on; I saw Desperately Seeking Susan too many times, I think. Ditto Pretty in Pink.
There was a bow-legged cowboy at my school who even spoke with a wretched drawl, to spite his decidedly Northern roots.
In fifth grade we had a fight about the South Pole. I said everything is north of it, and he said I was wrong.
Also blonde, and therefore even more wrong.
One day junior year I passed him in the hall, and he said, "Them are some real purty jewels you got..."
And I don't think he meant it.

My mom gave me a pearl necklace for Christmas. My dad gave me a shotgun. I was freaked by both. But the gun doesn't work, and the necklace broke, so I'm ok on both counts.

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