The Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day
Ninja Tune Records - ZEN59, ZENCD59
An album written and produced by J. Swiscoe

  1. All That You Give (feat. Fontella Bass) (6:40)
  2. Burn Out (9:30)
  3. Flite (6:30)
  4. Evolution (feat. Fontella Bass) (6:30)
  5. Man With The Movie Camera (9:45)
  6. All Things to All Men (feat. Roots Manuva) (11:10)
  7. Everyday (10:00)

The Cinematic Orchestra's second LP, the followup to Motion.

A fun little experiment in avant garde jazz courtesy of those clever Ninjas. The basic premise is the same as it was on Motion: Get a bunch of jazz musicians together and have them jam. Record it all. Sample it all. Chop it up and mix it around into something that's not quite jazz and not quite anything else, either. A big difference between this and that is that this one has vocals in place of the endless (but good) saxophone noodlings by Tom Chant.

[About an hour] of fun for the whole family!

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