Sarcasmo's personal guide to sending pictures of your ass at other folk online:

  1. I use no fewer than 5 Photoshop filters on any one image to be sent. If the image is to be artistically low resolution, I use a gif format with a high "lossy" setting. If file size difference varies greatly between jpg and gif, I use the smaller file.
  2. I prefer images of individual body parts (fingers, eyes, teeth) most of the time.
  3. If I do actually plan on sending someone a real image (as in clear and unedited), I will ease into it through rule 2., showing chunks of body parts and eventually a face.
  4. I always send pictures of me. They are never anyone else. They are taken with an old Sony Digital Mavica camera I steal from school on occasion. The camera takes pretty low-res images, and it contributes to my style a bit.
  5. I save all the damn things, somewhere.

You all seem to have forgotten the unspoken rule:

Always hide your face.

If you're feeling divine, add some color/glow to them, effectively masking your identity, take shots where you're looking away or just stamp a crater over your face and make jokes about it.

Although the above writeup brushes on the topic, it does not mean this. Always hide your true identity. If someone can recognize you on the street by that picture, it isn't mutilated enough.

The general rule on about people on IRC seems to be "Attractive, single, mentally stable: choose two"
Anyway, photoshop filters are unnecessary, you can obscure your true appearance easily enough with creative photography. Shoot a picture of yourself in a mirror, with only a single candle for light. Send a picture of your toes. Make the picture so huge that your left eye takes up the entire window (cough Jessicapierce cough). You get the idea. If you must photoshop (or gimp) it, run an edge detect on the picture. You'll look like an outline drawing.

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