Sarcasmo's personal guide to sending pictures of your ass at other folk online:

  1. I use no fewer than 5 Photoshop filters on any one image to be sent. If the image is to be artistically low resolution, I use a gif format with a high "lossy" setting. If file size difference varies greatly between jpg and gif, I use the smaller file.
  2. I prefer images of individual body parts (fingers, eyes, teeth) most of the time.
  3. If I do actually plan on sending someone a real image (as in clear and unedited), I will ease into it through rule 2., showing chunks of body parts and eventually a face.
  4. I always send pictures of me. They are never anyone else. They are taken with an old Sony Digital Mavica camera I steal from school on occasion. The camera takes pretty low-res images, and it contributes to my style a bit.
  5. I save all the damn things, somewhere.