the only girl I ever
showed everything to
eventually left me

and took a little piece of me with her

she took my smile
and skipped town for awhile
I hope you don't mind a little gender bending?

I only showed E2 to my significant other because I absolutely had to show off a couple of my nodes. He read three, blinked dazedly, smiled, and said it was nice. Then he said that all my writing was nice and could we go watch J-Rock videos now? With visions of Gackt dancing in my head, I made a list of nodes he should read and left it at that.

Three weeks later.

I mentioned tuberculosis fantasies. I was not met with a giddy grin. Actually, my love looked quite disturbed. How could he not understand the joke...?!? Had my list been eaten by the dryer? Had the cat eaten it? Had EDB eaten it? I was crushed! No darling of mine could overlook the addictive fabulousness of e2! I began plotting...

Last Saturday Chihuahua Grub came to town. He stayed with WonkoDSane, who threw a fabulous Nashville noder's bash in honor of our Level 5 comrade. I encouraged my darling to come, but warned him that he wouldn't understand most of our jargon or jokes. Not one to turn down a party invitation, he came.
He saw. We conquered.
Within three hours of arriving at the party, he was plopped down in front of WonkoDSane's notoriously cantankerous computer, formulating the perfect username. Are we good, or what?

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