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1 touch a harp with untrained fingers (idea) moeyz writeup
2 let you fall, watched you bleed (idea) hamster bong writeup
3 The Dreaded Rear Admiral (idea) hoopy_frood writeup
4 It makes lots of sense to me. Unfortunately, that's what hurts the most. (idea) hamster bong writeup
5 empathy (poetry) RoboQuote writeup
6 July 1, 2002 (idea) Magus writeup
7 It's Snowing (poetry) Serjeant's Muse writeup
8 So little left to say (idea) mordel writeup
9 I miss you (idea) anemotis writeup
10 I still miss you (idea) Cosmic Cat writeup
11 So long (idea) tandex writeup
12 still (idea) deep thought writeup
13 A note on arrival (idea) Noether writeup
14 Take a deep breath and write out your thoughts for me (idea) lucidity writeup
15 Let me fall until I believe, you're more than the leaves (idea) hamster bong writeup
16 butterfly kiss (idea) chalcedony writeup
17 transitions and hopes (idea) Noether writeup
18 She asked me to copy my poem into her notebook (idea) deep thought writeup
19 to let her know (idea) naked_ape writeup
20 A Letter I Will Never Send (idea) shrimpo writeup
21 The angstiest poem in the world (idea) Pseudo_Intellectual writeup
22 Why we are so afraid (idea) bunkey writeup
23 the small of her back (thing) deep thought writeup
24 Her back (idea) deep thought writeup
25 Counterpane (place) Jack writeup
26 Sample population found statistically insignificant (idea) Igloowhite writeup
27 addiction (poetry) kplb writeup
28 Chemistry (thing) deep thought writeup
29 asleep (thing) Mike626 writeup
30 K-mart jeans and Payless shoes (idea) etouffee writeup
31 It couldn't be (idea) Strawberry milk writeup
32 Why do elephants paint their toenails red? (fiction) lucychili writeup
33 Horrible dream (idea) Strawberry milk writeup
34 Old writing (thing) Strawberry milk writeup
35 misogynistic (idea) icicle writeup
36 By Some Disputed Neon Barricade (poetry) etouffee writeup
37 just friends (person) deus-ex-machina writeup
38 First kiss (idea) Trina writeup
39 A Conversation With An Old Friend (poetry) winston_farsoul writeup
40 It's easy to be charming on the internet (poetry) Intentions writeup
41 Storm: Before and after. (poetry) etouffee writeup
42 Her hips made waves against his shore (poetry) worn-out_shoe writeup
43 I'm looking for a friend (poetry) winston_farsoul writeup
44 Subjectivity (poetry) etouffee writeup
45 If only I'd thought of the right words, I could have held on to your heart (poetry) worn-out_shoe writeup
46 Star (poetry) esodoll writeup
47 Thin white icing (poetry) etouffee writeup
48 Rain falls (poetry) webmaren writeup
49 Angel Bliss (poetry) esodoll writeup
50 Levenshtein dreams   e2node

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