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Unless otherwise noted, all of my works on Everything2 are freely distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works License, version 3.0.

Suggestions for E2

  • Comments - A simple way for users to leave feedback on writeups would be a very useful addition to E2 and could make incremental improvement of writeups much more common. To go along with this, a prompting to leave a comment should appear when a user votes on or chings a writeup.
  • Old Themes - I have nothing against EKW or any of the other themes used by various E2 users, but it's time that the site made them go away. The amount of legacy coding that they require and the restrictions that they place on future features are unacceptable.
  • Categories - This is a genius feature that has been way underpublicized. It should also be open to all users, not just those at L2 or above.