See, it's strange, because I remember this. Wish that was just a nodeshell, the wu doesn't fit,
but for some reason it seems right that living without running water is softlinked to it.
Living without running water is my heart nowadays. The body aches, it's been too long.
Summertime means hair pulled up in ponytails and I realize that I've been missing the backs of necks.
I might be in a store and there will be one in line in front of me.
The scent from it will start to pull the soul from my body.
Pull back.
Open eyes.
Money and take the bag.
The disconnect requires that I stare straight through everyone for the rest of the day.
Shuffle out and past it all.
Home I lie on my bed and try and stare through the ceiling.
I want to blame this on someone.
But i'm not broken anymore, and this isn't Elba.
I can move when I choose, and i'm bigger than him.
Don't have to keep a room anymore.
Just will myself to move.