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I want you to like me.

Don't get me wrong here. I was born an attention whore. But that is not the same. Attention is meaningless. I want you to appreciate my worth, and I want to appreciate yours, and we will share our love of humanity with humanity, as is everyone's birthright. Run through the fields, lay down in the grass and poppies and look at each other and just feel it. The way Jesus loved.

Note however, that I am always open for a troll battle, trading of Yo Momma jokes, hate-offs, etc.

EDIT: Literally everyone has at least one belief that I think is batshit insane, and for every one of my beliefs, there's someone that thinks it's insane and so am I. This is simple probability, and it is awesome.

EXTRA EDIT: Man, that stuff I wrote looks pretty weird. I'm going to keep it all up for posterity so I can argue for whatever medications I want or need later.

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