I may have given you a toy version of my heart,
but I still had to watch you tear it apart.

Our days together were not long.
You found time to do one hundred things right, but did one hundred things wrong.
You could see the sparks of a nuclear bomb.

My heart will ache and my tears a lake knowing love is not something I'll ever truely make.

To myself I wonder how I could be so disillusioned and I wallow for nights being squandered by confusion.

In those nights the lonely moon painted its light on the sea.
The stars were all that would show me how beautiful the world can be.

I think of the way they'd make you glow, and it makes me sad to know you'll never be mine.

As the sun rises the rays make everything very visible.
The lies and my wrongs turned my child heart cynical.
I was so devoted to the past.
It was the present culmination that was critical.

I woke up to the debris,
realising I had everything I would need.

Stars grow and form from the remainder of a storm.