We need a Christmas Star today:
Because many have lost their way.

Wandering to stadiums and stores,
Thinking the messengers are such bores.

Singing “Jangles bells, Bangles sells,”
They’re really in their private hells.

Looking everywhere at a wrong tree,
On the tree He hung for you and me.

The Star guided the Persian Prophets,
It’s now all hidden by financial profits.

"Better give than receive" some say,
But in the end humanity will pay.

Green and red and silver and blue,
robes snow white’s the needed hue.

Salvation comes from a babe now grown,
Who rose like a seed that was sown.

Now, we too, have so many choices,
Let’s sing Hallelujah with loud voices.

To the Word made flesh to take our place,
‘Cause judgement’s coming to the human race.

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