Science world is a science centre focused on fostering excitement about science in children. It is a major feature on the skyline of Vancouver, as it is housed in a giant silver geodesic dome (a large sphere-like building with triangular faces - see Buckminster Fuller). Science world was formerly the Science Centre, located on Granville St., but after Expo 86, the present building, which was used as a pavillion and IMAX theatre during the fair, became available.

Science world has three levels and features a wide variety of exhibits and presentations. There many small theatres and stages for science demonstrations and guest speakers, and the top half of the building is taken up by the enormous OMNIMAX theatre, which has seating on a steep 45 degree incline so that every seat has a perfect view. There are several permanent installations, such as the music hall, which has all manner of noisy devices exploring sound, and the exploration gallery, which has all sorts of natural artifacts that young children can touch and explore. There are also seasonal exhibits that come and go, some created by staff, some travelling exhibits - one recently was "Grossology", a disgusting exhibit that explored microorganisms/microbiology and anatomy in very amusing terms for children. There is a cafeteria and a giftshop. At the entrance is the intriguing Tower of Bauble, a rube goldberg-esque contraption of mysterious purpose.

Science world is located at the fringes of Vancouver's downtown, at the terminus end of False Creek, at Qu├ębec St. and Terminal. It is just across the water from the Plaza of Nations, and is one block from Main Street - Science World Skytrain Station and two blocks from the train and bus terminal.

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