A now-missing writeup described body paint as an edible item used in sex play. The majority of body paints are not edible and are used just for decoration. For an everyday example, the "body glitter" sold in both accessories stores and Frederick's of Hollywood. For the more artistic types, the body painting seen in Body Paint magazine (www.bodypaintmag.com) and other sources can show the human body used as canvas for airbrushing and and hand-painting designs and images.

There is stuff out there for children (the book Annie's Body Painting Academy by Annie Kubler, with information about how to make your painted hands into puppets, or a "back board" to draw on), Indian Mehndi (henna) body designs for temporary decoration, and all other sorts of paint-on-skin work out there. Although there certainly is body paint for sexual purposes, it isn't the only reason one might paint oneself or others.

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