A lot of people dye their hair. I've been wanting to try to dye my skin for quite some time. Several years ago I tried using fabric dye for this purpose (it was ancillary to doing some actual fabric dyeing), and all it did was go through the skin and soak into my muscle and make me sore for a few days, except for my palms, soles, and scars, where the color did sit there (without hope of being washed out for a while).

Today I finally decided to get around to trying Kool-Aid. You know, since Kool-Aid has this tendency to stain your skin if you get it on you when it's in a powder form and your skin's wet.

First I tried purple using a cheapo Kool-Aid knockoff (Flavor-Aid). After I mixed in some lotion it wasn't really purple (more of a dark grayish brown) but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway (after mixing in some red Flavor-Aid, which did make it rather purplish). This didn't work - I had used too much lotion, and so it wouldn't soak into my skin.

After taking a shower, I tried cyan using real Kool-Aid (one of their artificial-sounding artificial berry flavors). I used only a small amount of lotion as a base, making for a rather thick syrup of sorts. It rubbed in just fine. But it made me itchy. So I gave it a few minutes to set, and then took another shower... and it all rinsed out, except on my palms and soles, and under and around my fingernails. Large quantities of soap later and I was left with somewhat-blue palms, and rather-blue fingernails (especially this dark-blue border around them).

So I did what any God-fearing American would do, stopped believing in God, and tried bleaching it out with peroxide. This didn't work.

I guess I'll have blue fingernails for a few days. It doesn't look particularly appealing, and just looks more like I was fingerpainting and haven't gotten around to washing up yet. Oh, and my fingers smell of Kool-Aid.

I think next time I'll just try the hair dye which punks use. I know that stuff'll properly dye skin. I'm a bit concerned about toxicity though...

Skin: 2. Color fetish: 0.

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