"Gloves in a Bottle", "Liquid Gloves" and "Invisible Glove" are all lotions that make it easier to clean up after a messy activity. The formulations are different, with the first 2 claiming to adhere to the outer dead skin cells and not wash off but only come off with natural skin sloughing or about every 4 hours. Then they need to be reapplied, regardless of washing. The 3rd one has to be reapplied any time the skin gets wet. I believe it works by just filling in skin crevices thus preventing the accumulation of grime.

Claims made include ease of wash up plus decreases in skin irritation when one must wash hands frequently. "Gloves in a Bottle" even shows healing skin photos in before and after pictures on their web page.

I found a tiny 2 ounce bottle of "Gloves in a Bottle" at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It is a thin liquid, you only use a very small amount. My hands felt great right after using it and did not get irritated with the frequent washing my work requires. I plan to use it every 4 hours or so while awake for the next week or so and see if it heals up these broken cuticles and rough patches of skin on my index fingers that I am prone to. I think I already see an improvement in 24 hours! I haven't yet used it in a messy or dirty project to see how it helps washing up. WWW.glovesinabottle.com sells the product for a much better price. I will get future refills there. I have a feeling this is going to be a gift I give to all my other rough handed friends. I found "Invisible Glove" at a local hardware store. it is a thick paste. It left my hands feeling waxy but but certainly did make washing up after working in the dirt easier. When I was washing, even before I used soap I felt a slippery substance rinsing off and the dirt just slid off with it. I may continue to use it when I know I am going to get dirty or just reserve it for kids' finger painting type activities. It depends on how well the "Gloves in a Bottle" works in similar "dirty" situations.

My hobby is gardening and my work involves up close contact with newborn infants. Parents just don't appreciate that I have truly scrubbed up well when I still have brown stains in my finger print indentations.

These products are also supposed to be good for painters, persons working with ink or other staining materials but do not protect against irritants that require rubber gloves.
Spuunbenda says "My stepmom in New Zealand sent us some stuff called Atrix (from Beiersdorf AG in Germany) which does the same thing, and well." I see from a google search that they have a "professional cream", an "intensive protective creme" and a "repair creme". I also just found another protective barrier creme called DermaGuard in Europe and SkinProteck in the US that is of the 4 hour, doesn't wash off nature.

I also understand that Avon makes a similar lotion called "Silicon Glove"

If anyone is familiar with any of these products please /msg me.

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