Okay, I maybe should probably do a little more research on this before writing this, but I'm lazy. If you disapprove, downvote me until my ears bleed.

Alright. This should be pretty simple. We'll do it Socrates style.

Q: What's your skin made out of?
A: Cells.

Q: What is inside a cell?
A: Uh, a bunch of organelles and some goopy stuff called cytoplasm?


Q: And what holds all this goop inside the cell?
A: A phospholipid bilayer membrane

Q: Is it a solid or a liquid?
A: Solid, right? It holds the liquid stuff in.

Survey says?..... EEEEAAAANNHHH!

Your cell membranes are liquid. They just sorta float. They have protiens and other solidy things in them, which can be attached to the cytoskeleton, but for the most part, cell membranes are liquid.

So, since your membranes are liquid, and most of the insides of your cells are liquid, and your skin is made of cells, It is pretty much a liquid. Maybe not the very top layer. We are nothing but big liquidy beings, we are.

It may well be that humans are just water's way of walking around.

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