Like a soap, I'm not really sure if it is a soap. It is a hand cleaner often found in mechanic shops or anywhere someone might be working with grease and oil. I can't find who makes it right now, but you can probably find it in any hardware store. Usually costs about $2 for a large tub of it. It contains Lanolin so it doesn't dry your hands. It works better than normal soaps. This stuff rocks.

This is a family recipe passed down from generation to generation. Actually, I think my Dad made it up, and he passed it on to me. The following is enough for one, but just multiply the amounts for each person you're sharing it with.

  • A large bowl
  • Three tablespoons

You'll want to put the peanut butter in the bowl first, then the jelly, butter and the syrup last. You'll need the three tablespoons so you can dip into each ingredient without having to wash the spoon every time. Then use one of the spoons to stir all the ingredients together until you get a caramel like consistency. Once you can't see any tiny bits of jelly or butter in the peanut butter, at that point the junk in the bowl officially becomes goop.

You can either dip the crackers into the goop, or use the spoon to top the cracker. This was great fun when I was a kid but most recently has become a particularly heartwarming comfort food, because I'm now about two weeks into quitting smoking, and a good bowl of goop while typing away at the computer gets me through an evening without any cigarettes. Granted, in about a month I'll probably gain a few hundred pounds, but at least my lungs will be okay even if my heart gives out.

Addendum, May 7th, 2004: What I neglected to point out before when I typed this up was that a few years ago my father passed away, so whenever I mix up a batch of goop, I think of him. I guess that's what makes this a comfort food for me. This recipe is a part of him that I carry around with me, so he's never really gone, so long as I remember. =) The problem I have now is this; after I quit smoking I did gain thirty pounds in about a month due (in part) to goop, and have never been able to get rid of the weight since. After over a year of being an ex-smoker, I am now tempted to give up goop and take up smoking.

Addendum, June 3rd, 2005: If you microwave the waffle syrup or otherwise heat it up, it makes the mixing process easier because it melts the butter and jelly into the peanut butter a little bit. Don't nuke the butter though cuz then it loses its creaminess. Thanks Dad. Happy belated birthday, Sis.

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