Imagine a technology that literalizes the alchemical notion of transmutation. Imagine squirting a drop of this stuff onto a garbage dump or a landfill and coming back later to neatly stacked piles of reusable raw material, as well as heaps of clean biomass. Imagine turning that biomass into food for the world, overnight. Imagine an atmosphere like we had 5000 years ago and a crystal-clear view of the stars, over Los Angeles and Mexico City. Imagine (for you programmers) the ability to program physical matter as easily as you would a piece of software. Imagine the ability to program your body with as much ease. Imagine the end of all ailments. Imagine the end of all notions of economics (the mathematics of limited resources). Imagine imagination being the prime mover of the world, not money, not politics, not race, not wealth, not gender, et al.

You may be wondering how a planet or a species could handle the kind of freedom imagined above (population explosion, terrorism, ecology, grey goo scenario, etc.)

Imagine. Look deeper and you may see that this will eventually lead us beyond everything I've mentioned on this page. And sooner than you'd think...

Blue Glue = B = Blue Screen of Death

blue goo n.

Term for `police' nanobots intended to prevent gray goo, denature hazardous waste, destroy pollution, put ozone back into the stratosphere, prevent halitosis, and promote truth, justice, and the American way, etc. The term `Blue Goo' can be found in Dr. Seuss's "Fox In Socks" to refer to a substance much like bubblegum. `Would you like to chew blue goo, sir?'. See nanotechnology.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

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