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I dedicate this work to the One I love: You.
Oneness, Entheogens, Eschatology, Transcendental Technology, Terence McKenna, Lucid Dreams
Mystic, Poet, Computer Scientist, Technoshaman, Musician, Rationalist, Guerrila Ontologist, Lucid Dreamer, Immortalist, Transhumanist, Phenomenologist, Reality Hacker, Psychic, Cyberneticist, Eschatologist, Psychonaut, Occultist, Lama, Yogi, Atman, Brahman
The Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao. It cannot be conveyed either by words or by silence.
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Dream Log: September 18, 2006
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O snail, o snail,
climb Mount Fuji.
But slowly, slowly.

Dreams: (Rated 1-3 on (*)lucidity and (+)metaphysicality) My Everything friends and like-minds:
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My brain gets fucked everyday by insane (thankfully), transcendental authors. Books are like gold to me, memetic treasures. If you read only a couple of books from this node you would find your premature cognitive commitments turning transparent and the legendary head of the Self rising above the stubborn horizon of your ego.

My short list of transcendental flicks:

To Do: