I'm in a big city on the coast of a bay on the ocean. The bay cuts right through it, dividing the town in several bits. The fun part is, to get from one bit to another they have a weird roller coaster setup: a weird kind of train that rotates its track in whatever direction you're going and then launches you to the other side.

I end up on the northwest side. I arrive at a walkway by the river; there's a strange lady, whose name I forget--it's a weird compound, but I'll call her Alice till I remember. She's peering into a baby carriage.

Flashback: my dorm. Charlie Brown is reading a letter from his pen pal. His pen pal is warning him about Alice; she is some kind of teacher, and is up to no good. I recognize her name as he reads it, and get the odd idea that Peanuts cartoons don't usually have this kind of exposition.

Next to where Alice and the baby were is a little tree-type hut. Alice, me, some professor, and a girl named Sandy are arguing about a rather large box of gold Alice seems to have discovered. It can't be hers; she insists it is. I say it couldn't have been; she hasn't even been here so long. More like this. She goes frantic, with shriekings and runnings about. I think we get it resolved... Alice doesn't get her gold.

Next I remember... Hospital operating room. Sandy--I didn't even know she was pregnant--is having... well, not an abortion, though that's what they called it, but a removal of some kind--her baby was already dead inside her, from being severely deformed. I get an idea that the incident with Alice was the cause of this. Her belly is open, and there is a great shapeless mass inside. The doctor tells us not to worry, it's what you'd expect to find there. He has already disposed of the baby's body and is cleaning up, and... a baby is heard crying. From inside Sandy. Everyone is surprised. The doctor reaches under the weird shapeless mass and pulls out, just like on TV, a baby that is probably too old to be "newborn" but has been pressed into acting it. We are happy that all was not lost. Someone makes a comment about how this makes up for us always calling Sandy "short".

I'm walking through K-mart with Sandy and her baby. (Is Sandy mine? I don't know...) We sit on some benches so she can rest, and she comments to the lady in front of us that she's never seen anything like that done with a hat before; it's pretty. It's one of those visor caps, worn backwards, with long strips of dark green material over the visor and hanging down her back. She looks like a flower, sort of. She turns around, and it is Alice; sane again, and so pretty... I never noticed what beautiful blond hair she has. Alice and Sandy talk for a while, making amends. Alice looks supremely happy.

Alarm clock goes off, waking me up.

Bullets Flying

  • I am in my cubicle at work when a klaxon goes off and a voice comes over the loudspeaker: "We have an emergency. All personnel, please exit the building." I flow out with the crowd to discover that the emergency is a sand blasting machine outside that someone has "accidentally" shot six times in the metal gut. Now it's acting just like a geyser; every few minutes it spurts a column of water more than a hundred feet in the air, all the time making a sickening sound like a dying elephant. The emergency is that it's also spurting bullets up into the air, which tend to come down in uncomfortable places. At last the machine dies and we all go back to work.

    Later on, I am shopping for a gun at Walmart with my father. I don't remember what my plan was but it might have involved more emergencies at work...

I am in a large parking lot in front of a building that has no apparent entrance. I go around the building many times but cannot get in. Finally, I get in a car that is in the parking lot, and drive into the building. The building then blows up, and then I woke up.

the skate across america:

situated in new york, i randomly decide to skateboard across the entire united states of america. beginning my journey, i skate along the east coast with a destination of texas. on my way, i stop to eat and sleep at various motels who provide me free service as i tell them my story. when i arrive in texas, i visit a nursing home in which my dead grandmother is housed. we talk briefly, and i make my way to california and up the west coast. i find the general demeanor of the people i meet to be pleasant; i even meet a drunk man who tries to smoke a cigarette backwards. i make my way quickly to washington, through canada, reaching my final destination of alaska. visiting the city of anchorage, i again meet several amiable people.

upon arriving home agian, my parents tell me of the flood of phone calls to the house that accompanied my trip. they describe the news coverage, and all the hype brought about by my odd voyage. they are happy that i survived and things quickly return to normal.

i'm driving home when i realize i'm out of gas. my car stalls on some road. i restart it and try to coast home. flames burst from the hood of my car. they quickly turn from yellow flames to green. i stop the car and walk.

My dad, my stepfamily, and I go to a summer camp. I found marijuana in one of my bags, and my dad found out. He and I discovered that the drug dog would be on grounds today, so we scurried about to get out of camp to get rid of it. We thought it would be good totake our family on a nature hike. Once we got to the summit of the mountain, my dad and I slid down the mountain and onto the bottom of the trail. I decided to go fishing with the marijuana, but all I was attracting was this one alligator. I don't remember where we put the marijuana in the end, but we went back to camp and were in the mess hall when the dogs broke in. My first thought was that they were going to smell the marijuana on my clothes. But they passed me right by. They attacked someone at the same table. And I awoke.

Then I had another dream about the neighborhood where my best friend, Adam, lives. It was actually a follow-up dream too something I dreamt two months ago where I had been held hostage in a trailer after coming out as a lesbian (no, I'm not. I'm heterosexual, just in the dream I wasn't). There was something eerie about the neighborhood. Everyone had robotic dogs. I was being accused of the theft of one, so I tried to run away. I ran through the grass between these two houses, really deep muddy waters, splashing up on my legs, until I got to Adam's house. I knocked on the door and his aunt appeared, and then went to get Adam. I then did something horribly wrong. I robbed their house. Or I killed someone. I don't know. It was a heinous crime. The next thing I can remember is Adam and I walking down the road from his house, and I'm crying into his shoulder. He picks me up and carries me through the muddy water and to my neighborhood. We pass by this old man's house and he smiles and waves. In all actuality, i have never seen that old man so happy since I've moved here.

I don't know what I was crying about. Nothing was said between us. He set me down, and I hugged him and told him that I love him to no end, and he told me to calm down. Before I could even look him in the eyes, I woke up with tears streaming down my face.

Hands down, I think this has something to do with me being a soulless person... the evil neighborhood... the water.. the tears and the happiness. Not to sound like a dream prophet, but I think that by this I was saying to myself that I have to go through several tough experiences to find what is really important to me, and once I do, my soul will come back.

I then had one last dream. My friend, Kristine, and I were driving to McDonald's. Our business was that she would get out of the car and run into the place to talk to the guys standing out front that had waved at us when we drove by them. I was waiting for my order at the drive-thru, and was listening to Smashing Pumpkins. I ran up to Kristine and told her she had to hear this song. "Dot sings it and she sounds like a COMPLETE moron *laugh*" I run back to my car but I'm getting short of time. I'm trying to rewind the tape as fast as I can. I end up playing Bullet with Butterfly Wings but on the tape it is listed simply as "Rage." I turn the volume up loud enough for everyone in the parking lot to hear it before I realize that this song is not sung by Dot, and I actually like it. I ignore that and continue to listen to it.

Then Kristine wants to buy candy. I take her to the Dollar General store (and strangely this store was at the location of my old job) but now we have more company with us, some girls I guess I knew, but I don't remember knowing. She wants to buy candy cheap, and someone suggests she buys one of these huge packs of M&Ms. I look up and the bag of candy is about the size of a bag of kitty litter. She pulls it down and examines that price tag. It was actually $2.50. I offer to carry one bag, but I'm also carrying something else that I had before I entered (I don't know what it was) The head of the English department from my school approaches me and asks me how my summer reading is coming along. I lie and say I've already finished and she gives a stern look before saying, "That's good." She doesn't believe me. Then an argument arose at the check-out counter. Kristine didn't even have $5 to pay for the candy.She's throwing a tangent, and I'm not speaking up about how I have $200 in my wallet. I'm thinking about how funny it would be to buy them and set her up on a payment plan--like Lay Away or something like that. I didn't buy them in the end. And she managed to pay.

I am participating in a musical. It is a kind of game, like one of those mystery dinner games. Everyone has a character that they are supposed to be and at the right moment, you are meant to come in and start singing your part. For example, maybe your character is a butler, so you have to walk in singing carrying a tray when dinner starts in the story.

I keep waiting for it to be my turn, but it never seems to happen. This is because there are no pauses in the musical for you to just come in. Instead, there are sort of refrains, choruses, that some people know. At various points, people go into singing these refrains and then make the transition into singing their part. But I don't know the refrains, so I can never start.

The musical is a love story, and my part is associated with a friend of mine's part. She is meant to scorn the love story and show that love isn't the most important thing, especially since it's a musical and everyone else in the story is all about the love affair, either moving it forward, or trying to break it up or something. I think that her character, then is meant to act independently, and my character is supposed to point this out, so that people notice it.

Anyhow, somehow or other my friend breaks in and starts singing her part. Oh, I forgot to mention, it's like improv. You are told who your character is, but you aren't actually given the words to sing or anything. When she breaks in, it's a bit awkward, because neither of us knew the refrain, so she just started singing sort of right after the refrain, really loudly. Maybe because she's flustered, or because she had to start out by singing loudly, her part comes out all weird. She stands at a podium singing at the top of her lungs, "I am an INDEPENDENT WOO-MANNN! I don't need LOVE! I will run for PRESIDENT! I AM AN INDEPENDENT WOOO-MAAAAN!" She ends her part by singing about how she has to run off to start her presidential campaign.

I come on and I sing, "See, look at her, she is what we should all want to be! A woman like her is a fine woman, an example to all women!" And because she came off so strongly, it's as if the two of us have conspired in making this a parody, making fun of independent women instead of showing how wonderful it could be. It's like we've presented some god-awful stereotype of the cheerful woman who gets no play, and is just strident and nobody really likes her, and then proceeded to go even further and say, "Hey, if you are independent than you must be like this." The same kind of thing when some girl does something like not let a man open the door for her and a guy says, "What are you, some kind of lesbian?" Which is so sad, because we were trying to do this nice thing instead, of saying you don't have to be in a relationship to be happy.

(with pictures) http://www.sleeptrip.com/displayDream.php3?dream_id=286?

I don't recall much other than jumping out of an airplane that was hitting heavy turbulance. I landed in James Bond style into an outside casino where Magnum PI was sitting with some of his friends. I was dealing blackjack to him, taunting him about something. He acted nonchalent and said quite boldly that i had nothing on him. At that point I told him i knew who Mr. Masters really was. Everyone started laughing really hard.

Thats when the dog woke me up licking my face with his smelly tongue. It's not a lot, but it seemed poignant when i woke up. I think i must have been in Hawaii, it was very warm and beautiful outside. I consider this dream a warning to avoid tv at all costs as penance for sinning against God by watching Magnum PI reruns 4 times a day every day from grade 5 to 7.
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Isn't the custom anymore for the first dream log poster to insert this?

I was playing football (that's soccer to you merkins) in an old warehouse of some sort. The place was in a terrible condition, with tons of dust and junk all over. The windows were broken, and the whole building looked condemned.
The match was apparently a charity game, with a few celebrities playing along. I was on the same team as Teemu Selänne (a Finnish NHL player). When I kicked the ball, it hit something sharp on the side of the hall the game took place in. The ball got pierced, and apparenly we had no spare anywhere.
Mr. Selänne got very angry at me, but I defended myself saying it was an accident (which it was). Our argument got quite heated, up to the point where he started kicking me! I fell down, and he stomped on my legs, like he was trying to break them completely. But he was unsuccessful, in fact him jumping on my legs didn't even hurt. So I sat on the dusty floor, laughing at his attempts to injure me.

A war was going on. I was with a group of soldiers, stationed in a building very similar of the one in the football segment of my dream. It was dark, and we were apparently just guarding the surroundings.
A some sort of conflict had broken between some members of the group. Our leader was constantly in a heated discussion with others, and the whole thing was very complex. It didn't involve me, though.
The leader locked himself in a small room with an another soldier. After a while the rest of us heard a gunshot. I never did find out who got shot, and what was actually going on.

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