It was night time and there were hundreds of people watching me play one on one basketball with my friend Anna and we were having a free throw play off to see who would be the eventual winner.

Except we weren't playing with a ball, we were playing with coloured pencils, just hurling these pencils like they were javelins, at the hoop. (incidently, I won eventually 136 v 86).

The scene then cut to the next day, to my home town Cardiff. It was a lovely day, blue sky with no clouds and I was driving with my friend Ceri, from her house along the main road.

Except we weren't driving a car, we were sat on a big plank of wood with no form of safety belt which had wheels underneath.

People were whizzing and we were slowing down to chat to them as they went past us on their planks these included Radio Five Live weatherman John Kettley and BBC weatherman Ian McCaskill who was very bashful at being recognised by us.

I had a terrible dream about M. last night. I dreamt that my daughter and oldest son were graduating high school together, in ONE hour and I had invited NO ONE at all to come.

It had completely slipped my mind. I realized that M. would probably like to see them graduate, and then realized it was way too late to call anyone, it would take half an hour just to get to the campus!

Furthermore, if I did call M., he would be mad that I had waited so long to call. He would think I only called as a last resort, second hand friend, some one else cancelled, or something like that. I felt really terrible and guilty and idiot like. Furthermore, although the anxiety was centered around M., I hadn't invited her father, my mother, her brother, no one. It was a chaotic, upsetting dream.

- / +

I was walking along the bank of the Vanaja river, near the castle. Spring was clearly in the air, since the big piles of snow were melting and the ice on the river was doing the same.
Suddenly, I dropped something from my pocket, and it rolled down the small slope until it was only centimeters away from water. I don't recall what the item was, but it was something I didn't feel like losing.
I carefully descended towards the waterline to grab my possession. Suddenly I almost tripped, but managed to prevent my fall into the icy stream by getting hold a branch of a nearby tree. Yours truly was now stuck in a very tough spot, being afraid to move.
Suddenly I remembered something. "Hey, this is only a dream!" Keeping that in mind, I climbed to safety quickly and with ease.

Girlfriends and Space Travel

  • I'm with some friends and my girlfriend and we are invited to a party. We arrive at the house and I notice the architecture is more like a library than a home. The building is square, with a square ground floor and a mezzanine which overlooks the first floor on all sides. There are picture windows all the way around and the public spaces (foyer, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom) are on the ground floor with bedrooms and lounges upstairs. When we arrive, a band is setting up in the living room in one corner of the house and I notice that one of the members is the good friend of my ex-girlfriend, Radha. After awhile I notice Radha herself sitting nearby. By now I'm upstairs in a little lounge, overlooking the band who has begun to perform. My girlfriend, Genery, is with me and I tell her that I'm going to talk to Radha because I need to try to clear up some old tension. Ever since we broke up three years ago I've felt a lingering karmic debt, despite the fact that we haven't spoken more than a few words in two years. I meet up with her in the kitchen and she is obviously distressed by my presence with Genery. She seems only half-willing as I try to address the issue directly. Genery passes through the kitchen and says hello to Radha. Some progress seems to be made by the time we leave the party. I've had a few other dreams similar to this where I attempt to resolve the karma by confronting Radha.

  • I wake up inside a sleeping bag after many months of suspended animation. I'm onboard a star ship headed for some interstellar destination. My two companions are waking up on either side of me and the robot pilot stands over us, handing us nutrition bars to awaken our metabolisms. The robot looks just like my mother and in my groggy state I really think it's her.

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