I was on a bicycle tour with four friends, only one of whom I know in real life.

It was a warm summer day, and we all had a miraculously small amount of baggage. As evening drew near, we decided to stop at a hotel, suspiciously like the one I work at as a receptionist in real life.

We booked a five-person room, where we rested up and drank some beer. By this time it was dark. We found we had tickets to some theater show in that city, but not everybody wanted to go, so I and one other friend ended up going.

When we got back, I threw a rather large amount of money into the slot machine in the lobby, and won it back triple. Meanwhile the friend who had gone along to the theater went back to the room.

When I got there, another friend, who had also gone out, but not to the theater, announced that 1) he was gay, 2) he had met a guy this evening, and 3) he was engaged to him. We were all surprised. It was very Will and Grace.

One person tried to talk him out of marrying someone he had just met that evening, but he complained that she was just saying that because she was prejudiced toward gays. She responded with the logical hetero parallel to the situation.

My stereo turned on and woke me up with Asia...

I wake up in a another kind of profound darkness. For a while I think I am asleep, and not dreaming, but then I wonder that I am thinking, but not awake so I must be dreaming. Then I notice that it isn't really all that black, just sort of dark grey, and someone cycles by very close to me making me realise I am in a mist. It is a friend who is wearing bright pink bicycle clips. At a loss for anything to do I run after him in the mist but I can hear him fade into nothing. I sit down and I realise that I am on grass, and it is sloping, probably some sort of hill. I follow the hill down and down and I start to see light through the mist, some sort of town perhaps, and I start running. Before I can stop I realise I have run straight over a ledge and am falling towards the lights, I can feel the air rushing up around me and the dread of the impact. Splash. I am in water, I swim up to the surface and realise the lights were just a reflection of the stars and that while the hill I was on is surrounded by smog the rest of the sky is clear. I swim towards the shore but can't reach it for some reason, and I get picked up by an empty raft, which takes me away from the hill which I realise is now an Island. I sail away into the night, and look up at the moon, and then wake up.

I've never had such a sexual dream lacking sexual intercourse before.

My boyfriend and I were in this empty environment preparing to have sex. We're somewhat young, I'm sixteen-he's seventeen, but we both, in reality, are strong supporters of sexual abstinence, thus this dream was based on no reality.

Despite that we were going to have sex, I wasn't allowed to look at him nude. I would peak out of the corner of my eye. He was disturbingly well-endowed. His penis, erect, was about 20" long. So I see a condom covering this enormous tumescent penis and he says something to me, yet it was just that small meaningless talk that people make when they are nervous. I'm trembling. But I look away for just a second, then turn back and he is observing himself and chuckling. He turns toward me and I am suddenly shifted into another part of the dream.

I'm in my chemistry class, although the students have been replaced by students from my precalculus class. In one of the desks near my own was my boyfriend. I wasn't sitting in a desk, nor was another boy. I was sitting on a lab table. The boy was standing in front of me kissing my breasts. He liked me in the dream, I guess. He wanted me to have sex with him. I kept refusing. A giant hole was torn in my shirt. He was sucking on my breast and licking it. I'm still not sure how I was feeling about this in the dream. I can't attach any real negative feeling to it mostly because it seemed nothing like the boy in real life and there was no identity attached to the body. Regardless, there was no pleasure gained in it. I looked over at my boyfriend. He sat there scowling at me. I looked back at Jonathan. He said something like, "Oooh baby let me get into this prize!" and attempted to delve into my pants but failed when I pushed him back.

I also associated him with circus peanuts but I still can't figure that one out.

Then I had left for a camp and I showed up late. There was a giant bonfire and leading the group in a singalong was my boyfriend. He had two girls down by his crotch giving him head. His penis seemed to have reduced to 25% of its original length at the beginning of the dream. Seeing this, I screamed, "Woah Nelly! Your crotch is on fire!" and awoke.

The Prairie & Old House By The Sea

  • I arrive at a wilderness survival facility out in a great prairie. Outside I see a large group playing field hockey in what looks like dry-land skis. Inside the building, I attend a meeting. As a treat, the group leader pours a little olive oil into my hand. I throw it into my mouth. He hands the bottle to someone else who accidently spills some on his shirt.

  • Flying at night over Mario's old house by the sea. It's perched on a cliff which has steadily eroded in the half-century it has been standing here. I fly in through an open skylight and meet August and Tish. They're posting some pictures on a dresser drawer of their trip to Uruguay. In one of them, August has no pants and his honor is saved by Tish's eclipsing arm which crosses the photograph. I sit on the floor with my hands together in namaste, consciously trying to feel my body lying asleep in bed. I succeed and have to struggle a little to maintain the dream. It's a strange sensation, having two bodies at once.
I am for some reason taking some kind of test. The setup, and the pressure, seems reminiscent of the AP tests I took a week ago, but in a smaller room. Oddly enough, though I've never really studied anything about it, I'm taking some test on law. However, unlike a normal AP test, we are allowed to work with partners, and I was partnered with someone I hadn't seen since 6th grade.

I of course found this rather odd, as we hadn't been at the same school for the last 6 years. However, I let this slide, and focused on the test, which it seemed vitally important that I do well on. However, due to my complete ignorance on the subject of law, and the fact that we were working together, I rather slacked off and let my friend do most of the work. I felt kind of guilty about this, but it was much better than the only other alternative, which would have been to fail.

After the test, things seemed kind of awkward, because some of my friends from high school were there, and this friend from elementary school didn't know any of them. However, the moment I realized this, I woke up.

It starts off where I am taking my spouse to see the summer house I grew up in at Russia. The catch, I know it's me and Jason, and we have two kids, but in the dream he is a woman and I am the man. I guess it comes from the conversation we had about me being the man and him being the woman in the relationship. The sky goes dark and little black creatures just cut open the fabric of time and space. I go to sleep in my dream, but when I wake up, I am steal there, so I assume it's real, and when the whole thing goes fast, we escape on this train, we finally make it back to US and as I think everything is back to normal, I see the little creatures in the bushes. One of them waves at me and cuts the sky open, and I wake up, for real this time, CREEPY! And now I feel like a have a hang over.

I am so out of it, perhaps I watch thriller way too much.

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