The Prairie & Old House By The Sea

  • I arrive at a wilderness survival facility out in a great prairie. Outside I see a large group playing field hockey in what looks like dry-land skis. Inside the building, I attend a meeting. As a treat, the group leader pours a little olive oil into my hand. I throw it into my mouth. He hands the bottle to someone else who accidently spills some on his shirt.

  • Flying at night over Mario's old house by the sea. It's perched on a cliff which has steadily eroded in the half-century it has been standing here. I fly in through an open skylight and meet August and Tish. They're posting some pictures on a dresser drawer of their trip to Uruguay. In one of them, August has no pants and his honor is saved by Tish's eclipsing arm which crosses the photograph. I sit on the floor with my hands together in namaste, consciously trying to feel my body lying asleep in bed. I succeed and have to struggle a little to maintain the dream. It's a strange sensation, having two bodies at once.