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FIRST, and foremost, the obvious:: I'm just another 22-year-old girl who likes programming. I have a habit of making raunchy bedroom-style programming jokes. I also have a job programming in which I often test crap using the most awkward stuff in the world, like animated GIFs of a girl growing 4 penises, and that awkward stuff ALWAYS finds the bugs. I'm pretty sure I have successfully freaked out all of the guys I work with.

I have a website at It's where all the cool kids are hanging.

I live in Columbia, South Carolina with my boyfriend Eric, in the quaint, historical neighborhood of Elmwood Park.

I have an undying grotesque sense of humor which is validly expressed here on E2.

I love indie rock! In the words of Lou Barlow, "Gimme Indie Rock!"

I don't node anymore really. I just watch my nodes get nuked. I used to be level 7! I miss my Super Mario Brothers 3 conceptual art :(

Poetry and Prose That Makes My Insides Quiver:
The Soul Has Bandaged Moments-
Porphyria's Lover
I Like For You To Be Still
No Te Amo
Until Tomorrow
You get so alone at times that it just makes sense
a few minutes is all it will take sometimes to completely undo me

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