When I was a sophomore, I had to take a regular, non-honors geometry class with a large group of juniors. Many of them had brains that were seriously deprived of oxygen. The teacher had to use odd mnemonic devices to reinforce mathematical concepts and she requested that one student call her, "Mrs. Thang" after a long period of calling her simply "Thang."

Then came the day that the local phone company used the school to do its busy work. They started a phone book drive. For every old telephone book one brought in, he or she was rewarded with free cheese sticks at Domino's Pizza. Imagine what an uprorar this created!

The bonus incentive was that our class would be rewarded with a pizza party if we won.

Students started to bring in dozens of phone books. Some students brought in over forty each. I just sat there at my desk watching the brouhaha, not turning in a single phone book. I didn't know where these people were getting so many phone books.

It came to the point where every day before class, our teacher would tally up the number of phone books. People were excited and, well, sometimes the shit hit the fan.

Just as things were coming to a head, one girl said, "Wow, Mrs. Thrash! Phone books have never been this exciting!" She later said, "I didn't get home until midnight 30 last night!"

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