I was on a bicycle tour with four friends, only one of whom I know in real life.

It was a warm summer day, and we all had a miraculously small amount of baggage. As evening drew near, we decided to stop at a hotel, suspiciously like the one I work at as a receptionist in real life.

We booked a five-person room, where we rested up and drank some beer. By this time it was dark. We found we had tickets to some theater show in that city, but not everybody wanted to go, so I and one other friend ended up going.

When we got back, I threw a rather large amount of money into the slot machine in the lobby, and won it back triple. Meanwhile the friend who had gone along to the theater went back to the room.

When I got there, another friend, who had also gone out, but not to the theater, announced that 1) he was gay, 2) he had met a guy this evening, and 3) he was engaged to him. We were all surprised. It was very Will and Grace.

One person tried to talk him out of marrying someone he had just met that evening, but he complained that she was just saying that because she was prejudiced toward gays. She responded with the logical hetero parallel to the situation.

My stereo turned on and woke me up with Asia...