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I had been invited to a course for Elite Pokémon Masters by some secret branch of Nintendo - the course was for the people who had finished the Red/Blue Gameboy game in some special way, I think.

The course was held in some building near Kuhmo (I can't remember the name of the place right now). We were given orders that before the course, we should

  1. capture 31 each of Bellsprouts and some other easy-to-catch Pokémons, and
  2. turn some part (specific number of map "squares") of the Pokémon game map into desert and a little bit of it to swamp.

I went to the course place, but apparently I had gone there too early. When I returned home in the middle of the night, my sister was still awake. I was unsure of my orders, so I asked her to tell those to me again (I didn't have them on paper). My parents told both of us to go to sleep.

I had considered the task rather hard, because I needed to do that before the next day. I soon noticed, of course, that the task was much easier than I had thought. The map change was soon done (I had accidentally deserted most of the map, and only part of the map had swamp, but apparently that was enough). Capturing the things was likewise fairly easy.

When I got to the course again, I was playing the game, and people around me looked puzzledly at the thing I was playing the game with. It was a big white handheld gamething, with old-fashioned, edgy and rough plastic design, with many connection ports behind it.

(The latter part is easily explained - My sister has Gameboy Color and I still have the original B&W Gameboy. =)

For some reason in my dream I'm seeing an island, or at least a peninsula on the coast. It's an overhead view, quite similar to that in Simcity or Simearth. It didn't seem like I was at a computer in the dream though. For some reason I become aware that this island on the edge of the ocean is Malaysia.

The land is divided by latitudinal and longitudinal lines, again like in a 3D terrain sort of program. As I look closer at each of the sections of terrain, the land becomes covered in the water of the surrounding ocean. This continues until there's nothing left except endless water.

This was very strange to me because I don't know very much about the geography of Southeast Asia, but after looking at some maps they seem familiar to the images of the dream.

I was in my car, a smallish four-door 80's model Celebraty, attempting to cross a local lake at night. Despite the fact that I was near one edge of it (it is a long, skinny body of water) and could of simply gone around, the only option that seemed viable was jumping over it using some convienently placed ramps. There was a fleet of police boats and cars patroling the edge, however. Though I went forward, checking out the incoming law enforcement and quickly backed off of more than one occation, (this part of the dream seemed almost pixalated and Froggeresque) eventually I made a dash for it: only to get pulled over by a cop who was also the husband of my german teacher. He pulled me out of the car, and pulled me up some wooden steps to a tiny shack. There I waited with a large group of people who were evidentally riding with me, including four or five of my friends, a girl I liked and two of her friends, and my dog. We waited there for a for a bit, only to have the door kicked open by a man holding huge garbage bags full of cocaine that he claimed to have gotten from my trunk. After that, it got blurry and I soon woke up.

I suppose this is probably an anxiety dream combining my relatively new drivers license, my ever-awkward female relationships, and a general fear of law enforcement... Of course, the one mortal sin of retelling dreams is over-interpretation.

Flight Escape and Virtual Britney

  • I am under house arrest along with twenty or so others. I don't know our crime but our captors are among us and are constantly on watch for an escape. But it's a nice place--a suburban home overlooking a small canyon. Tonight is the fourth of July and we're all having a barbeque and fireworks show out on the large backyard deck. Bright washes of sparks fountain on all sides, lighting up smiles all around. I smile along with them as I climb onto the wooden guardrail and pretend to prepare a firework on the now accessible roof. My friend knows what I'm really doing, and waves me a fond goodbye from across the deck. Quickly, I jump onto the roof and throw my body off the back edge, over the canyon. I dive down at a great speed before swooping up and flying away.

  • I've decided not to go to my sociology class today so instead I tune in via the internet. This must be the future because I feel as if I'm actually standing in the lecture hall with everyone else, a real virtual telepresence. The lecture hall actually looks more like a recital hall with its big. There are group presentations going on and the current one is a bunch of scantily clad female students doing a song and dance number about gender inequality and objectification of women. Interestingly, the telepresence application has automatically placed blurred-out discs over the overly-exposed rear ends of the dancers. I realize that the group leader is none other than Britney Spears and her bottom half is the most revealing. I zoom in on her and reach my virtual hand out to check if the application censored the tactile data as well. When I feel the edges of Britney's thong I know that it hasn't. Then I decide that I do want to attend the lecture physically. I arrive outside the lecture hall and notice that the architecture of this place greatly resembles the house and deck from my previous dream. I enter the class as the other group is leaving. As I walk in front of the professor to sit down, I briefly forget that I was invisible while viewing before and wonder what she thought of me walking around on stage while the girls danced. I take my seat and watch another musical routine, this one by a bunch of men who are responding to the question: "How would Americans react to the substitution of free McDonald's hamburgers for monetary tax refunds?" As humorous music plays in the background, the men take turns coming to the front of the stage and playing the part of the "average American". One man ponders his responsibility to his family, then gives in and pantomimes eating a hamburger. Another expresses his extreme hunger and makes the same gesture. As they go around in a circle, every single one ends by eating a hamburger.

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