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"For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted." - Matthew 23:12
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convinced evidence


... our realities are encoded because we are convinced of the evidence!

Thought bubble of Special Guest Star Bart Simpson, Itchy & Scratchy Comics #3, 1994

"If things get worse we will get closer to God by killing this journalist."'s hoping for what's lost in translation

"It felt like I was in a big video game. It didn't even faze me, shooting back. It was just natural instinct. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! " remembers Swales, a fast-talking, deep-voiced, barrel-chested 29-year-old from Chesterfield, Va. He was a combat engineer in Iraq for nearly a year.
I'm just a crosshair. Take me out.

We're staring at prisms full of falsisms.

Unimedia, multimedia, CRT, LCD.. it makes no difference, we still make the inference.

We see the world by means of our eyes, both when perceiving things directly, with the aid of a tool, or virtually. Whether one is looking at molecules through a microscope, watching television, or just observing things naturally, the sensory data always passes through one's eyes before being processed by the brain.

This is quite obvious (unless you're blind), but sensory data could possibly be passed to the thalamus (and perhaps other parts of the brain) through other means just as easily. Would one be able to tell the difference?

Being silent is not necessarily a sign of shyness. Those who are of few words are sometimes also those most acquainted with things better left unsaid.

The recall of past events is very often a reaction to desires experienced in the present.

Sony should have seriously reconsidered naming an anthropomorphic moose after Benito Mussolini. 'Mooselini' is a strict driving instructor in the PlayStation game 'Parappa the Rapper'; a far cry from the ruthless mass-murdering dictator.


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Saint Pius assures the empire that piety is not the sole impetus for his sainthood · Free will is marked for deprecation in the next major revision of the transhuman prototype · When over 95% of its people endure unspeakable torture daily, Planet Earth is officially known as a prison · A regiment of intellectual ghosts walks the streets of this working class city, casting dignity, reason, and courage into each soul they pass by · The consumers of tomorrow will resemble the soldiers of yesterday · Fireworks as a display of military superiority · Using intellect as a method of avoiding the truth · To the eye of the fast moving motorist, concrete painted green is as good a substitute for grass as any · The womb as a room of doom · YHWH declares that the substitution of LOVE with FUCK is punishable by AIDS; man responds by covering his member with plastic · The dynasty made people die in nasty ways. This mess was necessary and they're not sorry. · You're right! Sinister Aleister and his left-hand path of sin is utter destruction! · The passions of a love affair between a chemist and a certain prostitute named Pamela Diaz are shared by millions of unwitting 'patients' every day

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