A rhythm action game for the Playstation, wherein you control a rapping dog called Parappa. Your "teachers" (a talking Onion in a Dojo, a cooking Hen, a Moose Driving Instructor, a Flea Market trader Frog...) rap a line, then you must reply, by hitting buttons in the right order, with the right timing.

It's a bit like Simon, but more fun, cooler, and of course there's that rhythm element.

Follow-up: Um Jammer Lammy

This game is damn funny and insanely great as a group activity, especially when the people involved are drunk, stoned or in a similar state. A good sound system with a subwoofer makes it even more enjoyable.

We used to play this game all the time at our IRC channel parties. Once, a friend of mine completed the game while playing with his back to the screen and his arms behind his back. He was also quite drunk at the time. Parappa isn't very difficult once you get the hang of it. :)

A Parappa anime series will air on Fuji TV, starting April 2001.

Masaya Matsuura is the man behind the music and production of both Parappa The Rappa and Un-jammer Lammy. Rodney A. Greenblat did all the graphics for Parappa, a strange 2D / 3D kinda combo that must be seen to be explained. Rodney also works for Apple where he illustrated some of the company's brochures and books.

Rodney's site can be seen at http://www.whimsyload.com

Note to rabid Parappa fans: Sony's US Playstation store sells a real-life replica of the ski cap Parappa wears. Yes, for only $12.95, you too can be either a rapping god among your fellow geeks, or get strange looks from people who have no idea what the hell is up with the frog on your ski hat. Fools. Personally, despite the latter, I think wearing the hat is worth it, just for the odd random grin you get when a person who's played the game far too much suddenly recognizes it. Besides, who can't respect the frog?

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