Note: Read Parappa the Rapper first to understand all of the terms.

The sequel to Parappa the Rapper, or more accurately, Um Jammer Lammy. It's for the Playstation 2, hence sharper graphics, smoother facial expressions, non-FMV cutscenes, and sharper sound. Besides that, it's almost exactly like the original.

The story is as follows: Parappa tries to unveil the mystery behind the conversion of all foods to noodles. While doing this, he attempts to show his girlfriend Sunny Funny that he is a real man.

The music in the game sounds great, and all of the raps are very good, but none of them are memorable, like in the first game. It's probably because the lyrics are so complicated. I can probably recite all of the lyrics to Parappa 1, having played it about three times, but it'd take me weeks to learn all of the lyrics for Parappa 2.

The "teachers" in the game are as creative as they are in the first, and not as completely insane as they are in Lammy. They include:

  • Beard Burger Master - The ghost of the founder of Beard Burger, Parappa Town's Favorite!
  • Chop Chop Master Onion - The kung-fu vegetable returns a third time, this time as a TV exercise instructor, with his new technique, "Romantic Karate."
  • Guru Ant - After Parappa and friends are shrunk by a faulty de-noodlizer (a machine built to prevent foods from becoming noodles), Guru Ant gives them the "morale" to become big again.
  • Instructor Moosesha - The sister of Instructor Mooselini (from the first game) gives Parappa and his friend PJ Berri a lesson in boot camp.
  • Hairdresser Octopus - Goes insane and starts giving everyone afros. With the help of Lammy's band Milk Can, Parappa calms him down.
  • Food Court - An awesome Pong-style video game, that faces Parappa off with his previous teachers. It starts off with NES graphics in GOOD mode, has Atari 2600 graphics in BAD mode, and has Pong graphics in AWFUL mode.
  • Colonel Noodle - The CEO of the Noodle Syndicate that is behind all of this madness. His identity is a SURPRISE!
  • MC King Kong Mushi - He's back to throw a food-oriented party to celebrate Parappa's victory.
My personal favorite is Food Court, because its music is merely NES/Atari/Pong boops and bleeps with a beat, and the art is very creative. (Time to copy that Parappa sprite for my own mad experiments...)

New features include:

  • Three meters at the bottom of the screen that change after each verse, showing you how accurately, creatively, and funkily you rap. This lets you determine how to rap COOL.
  • That little boom box that follows Parappa around actually has a purpose: it warms you up before each level, and is the referee for the new Versus mode...
  • You can rap against a second player or the computer, with four different difficulty levels.
  • The game has four "circuits," in that every time you complete every level, the rap becomes harder.
Oh, and the schizophrenic Captain Fussenpepper is back to run the save/load and options menus. Hee hee.

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