This is a song by The Ataris that originally appeared on the album Let it Burn. But it was also given a lot of television time a while back. Apple chose to use this song in one of their commercials for the new I-Mac (with CD burner). But they only used the chorus, and cut out the first two verses because they had profanity, and insulted other artists by name. I assume this title was meant to be a big "Fuck You" to the radio industry in general. I guess it worked, since I have certainly never heard The Ataris actually played on any station.

I'm really fucking sick
Of Beck and 311,
And Marylin Manson,
I wish someone would break his fucking neck.

And what about Bush
And lame-ass Oasis?
Hey, talk about pretentious,
why don't they just blow England off the map?

Every now and then
I turn it on again
But it's plain to see that
The radio still sucks. (Repeat)

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